About Kathy

Some things you probably don’t want to know about me but I’m going to tell you anyway

  1. I love to dance. I am always dancing. In my head when I’m listening to the radio I’m there on the dancefloor.
  2. I love keeping chickens. The confident ones, the broody ones and the ones who love to be cuddled.
  3. I have always had a soft spot for The Muppets. The Muppet Show on a Saturday evening was essential viewing when I was in my teens. Now, Wallace and Grommit animations have me in stitches.
  4. Eddie Izzard, comedian, marathon runner extraordinaire, is my idol. Her utter self-belief that you can do anything you want to, is incredibly inspiring
  5. Loud music, wailing guitars in particular, are a definite favourite as are going to concerts, the theatre and comedy shows.

Now for the official bit about me……

Kathy Scott has been a massage therapist for 12 years and runs Hands On At Work, a corporate massage and wellbeing business. The knowledge she’s gained has allowed her to specialise and create work for other therapists—and now she’s sharing her story with you. She’s been where you are and understands the challenges you’re facing.

All of that is true. I haven’t always worked as a massage therapist. For around 20 years I worked as a property lawyer. I enjoyed the fact that I was helping people but never felt as if being a lawyer was really me. I gave in my notice and a few years later signed up for a massage course. As it turned out it was the best career decision I ever made.

I’ve written the book “Rubbing Shoulders With The Best” to show it is possible to do a job you absolutely love and make a living from it, but on your terms and without burning yourself out. I hope my experiences of good and not so good business decisions will help you grow that business you deserve.

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