You Can Do It

It’s tough this pandemic, not allowed to work, expenses still to pay out and no definite end date in sight. It’s enough to make you throw in the towel isn’t it?

I do know the reality of this pandemic is that some therapists have not been able to weather the financial storm it has created and have moved on to work in other areas such as care work and it breaks my heart to see devoted, excellent therapists having to give up the job they really love. But all may not be lost.

There will be an end to this, it might not be in the immediate future but with the vaccines being rolled out, there is surely light at the end of the tunnel. And if there is, then there is also the possibility of being able to return to complementary therapies.

Think of when you first started out, no clients, no experience, but with strength and determination, you built up your business. If you have to start again when this pandemic is under control, you will have all that experience to build on, probably still have some clients who desperately want to see you and only you because of the relationship you have created with them and so, you will be in a much stronger position to see your business grow. Even if you have to start it again as a part-time job, working around other paid work, you can do it.

Ironically, about a year or so before this pandemic started, I gave away my private clients to other local therapists because the corporate massage business was absolutely flying and I could not fit in private client appointments as well without working all hours of the day and night. And so, when the lockdown eased for a while in 2020 I had no work at all! So, I do sympathise with those therapists who solely do corporate work. But there again, I kept in touch with our regular business clients and they were all saying they can’t wait to get back to having their massages so I’m sure it will resurrect once again.

It may seem like a lost cause at the moment, but if you do have to take on other paid work to ride this out, don’t see that as a failure, it isn’t. You are just doing what needs to be done right now to keep afloat, the massaging can wait, it will return.